Grzegorz Adamiec

Portrait of Grzegorz Adamiec

Research topics

Dating of geological sediments and ceramics using luminescence methods, particularly optically stimulated luminescence (OSL); post-accident dosimetry; application of adaptive algorithms (genetic, differential evolution, and others) in optimization problems.

Dating using OSL is performed for inorganic materials, particularly quartz and feldspar. The subject matter includes improving existing measurement methods as well as developing new ones. There are many scientific problems that require solutions to increase the reliability of dating results. This method is also suitable for post-accident dosimetry purposes using everyday ceramic objects. The development of such methods is crucial in the event of radiological accidents where significant environmental contamination has occurred.

Adaptive algorithms in optimization problems are extremely effective in finding the global extremes of a given function. These algorithms are being applied in an increasing number of scientific and engineering issues.


Habilitation, physical sciences, experimental physics

Habilitation Thesis Title: "Luminescent Phenomena in Natural Dosimetric Materials - Interpretation of Selected Experimental Observations"

DPhil in physics

Oxford University
Oxford, United Kingdom

DPhil thesis title „Aspects Of Pre-Dose And Other Luminescence Phenomena In Quartz Absorbed Dose Estimation.”

MSc, engineer, technical physics

Master's Thesis Title: "Thermoluminescent Dating of Ceramics Using the Fine-Grain Polimineral Fraction Method (Dating of Neolithic Ceramics from the Vicinity of Kazimierza Wielka)"


Associate Professor at Silesian University of Technology

Research in the area of optically stimulated luminescence (OSL).

Faculty adjunct at the Silesian University of Technology

Research in the area of optically stimulated luminescence (OSL).

PIN photodiode in the detection of neutron radiation.


Creation of a database based laboratory information management system (AMSIS) for the 14C laboratory

Research assistant in an EC project

Accident dosiemtry in areas affected by the Chernobyl accident.

Teaching physics. Luminescence dosimetry research

Publications listed in JCR

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Publications not listed in JCR

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dr eng. Grzegorz Adamiec, DPhil, DSc
Associate profesor
Institute of Physics - Centre for Science and Education
Division of Geochronology and Environmental Isotopes
ul. Konarskiego 22B
44-100 Gliwice

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